2009 in Film…

Posted in Movie Clips, Movies on December 24, 2009 by Matt

Here’s a pretty cool video that someone made consisting of clips from 342 different films.  Let’s all reflect on the past, present, & future of film.  Enjoy!


The Zombie Invasion is Here (Again)…

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I can’t believe it’s already been a year since I first started this blog.  Since my first post was for Left 4 Dead, I thought I would dedicate this post for the sequel Left 4 Dead 2, which arrives in stores tomorrow (11/17).   Following a different set of survivors (Coach – a high-school football coach, Rochelle – a news reporter, Ellis – a mechanic, and Nick – a gambling conman), the story takes place a week after the events in the first game, but this time the setting is in the South.  The story’s main protagonists will make there way from Savannah, Georgia all the way to New Orleans, Louisiana, but on the way they will have to fight for their lives, battling hordes of infected.  Some new additions to the game include: more realistic damage done to the infected, new infected characters (hazmat suits, infected dressed in riot gear, Chargers, and Spitters), as well as new weapons (silenced submachine gun, chrome and combat shotgun, sniper rifle, combat rifle, AK-47, grenade launcher, magnum sidearm, bile bomb, a wide variety of melee weapons, and many more).  And after watching the cinematic trailer for the new game, I have to say that I’m pumped as hell and looking forward to participating in the zombie invasion.  Check out the movie below, as well as posters for each of the game’s chapters.  Enjoy!

“Dead Center”

“Hard Rain”

“Swamp Fever”

“The Parish”

“Dark Carnival”

‘The Golden Age of Video’…

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Check out this mash-up video consisting of clips from different TV shows and films.  Clips include: Freaks, Ghostbusters, School of Rock, The Simpsons, South Park, The Godfather, Robocop, Sesame Street, Back to the Future, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, The Silence of the Lambs, Seinfeld, Star Wars, Citizen Kane, and many more.  Check out the video below.

The Golden Age of Video

BONUS: Here is another video by ‘Autobahn’, which is a mash-up of clips from the movie ‘The Satellite Junkyard’.


AMAZING Terminator 2 Rap…

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It’s been more than a month since my last post and I apologize for that.  A while back I made a post that included two other videos (AMAZING Predator Rap + AMAZING Robocop Rap) by the guys who call themselves The Anomalies.  The latest entry by these geniuses is entitled AMAZING Terminator 2 Rap. Well?!?  What are you waiting for? Check out the video down below.  If you haven’t seen the other two, please refer to my post here: (AMAZING Predator & Robocop Rap).

AMAZING Terminator 2 Rap

Every Opening Movie Title…?

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Holy balls, this website is attempting to do something no other website has done before.  Slowly, but surely, it’s aiming to have a screenshot for the opening title of every movie in the history of movies.  This dude has way too much time on his hands, but it doesn’t matter, it’s for a good cause.  Check out the link below.


Death by Cellphone…

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Here’s a video that simply shows us why modern horror movies, post 2000, suck.  Cellphones are the death of us all, including horror movies.


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Check the newest video by the guy who goes by the name Pogo. Like most of the other videos he’s made, he’s taken bits and pieces from a movie (the newest one being Hook), and created his very own work of art.