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K-20: Legend of the Mask…

Posted in Japan, Movie Trailers, Movies, Superheroes on January 28, 2009 by Matt

In Japan the movie is known as ‘The Fiend With Twenty Faces‘, which is by far a better title than ‘K-20’.  This superhero flick kind of reminds me of a “happier” ‘Darkman‘, the way K-20 is able to take on different appearances.  Also, the way he looks is similar to the freedom fighter, V.  Hopefully they’ll release another trailer with English subs, so I can better understand what the movie is about.  I like the concept and the scenes they show in the trailer clearly looks like it will have a lot of action and some pretty badass, parkour style chase scenes.


Trailer 1

Trailer 2



Kokiriko Bushi…

Posted in Animation, Japan, Music on November 3, 2008 by Matt

Check out this pretty cool music video to “Kokiriko Bushi” by an artist that goes by the name of Omodaka (also goes by Far East Recording).  The catchy electronic/techno song goes along with some of the craziest animations (the dancing skeleton).  Anyways, here you go.  Enjoy.

Far East Recording: Official Site