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Lost Season 6 (Comic-Con)…

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Just recently at the San Diego Comic-Con, the Lost panel showed off some promo videos to give us an idea of where the sixth season was going. Since the creators have told us that the time travel part of Lost was over, looks like we’ll be seeing the characters in an alternate reality. I’m very curious as to how the show will be set up, because word has it that there won’t be any flashbacks or flashforwards during the final season. There are so many questions I have and absolutely can’t wait to see what these crazy bastards have in store for us starting February 2010.

P.S…There’s a poster lurking around the Web, that I believe was at Comic-Con, that showed all of the characters from season 1-5. Does this mean that Oceanic 6 never crashed on the island and the characters have gone on to live ‘normal’ lives. Well check out the videos from Comic-Con down below, and see what you think.

Mr. Cluck’s

America’s Most Wanted

Perfect Safety Record



Sham-WOW!…In Jail…

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“Bim bam bam, ribba dam dam.”


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I like this video…A LOT.  Created by Adam Berg, ‘Carousel‘ is a short film which promotes the new Philips Cinema 21:9 LCD Television.  And man, they a great job promoting the sh-t out of it with ‘Carousel‘ and its frozen 3D world.  Check out the video below.


P.S. – Does anyone else think a hint of the ‘Watchmen‘ opening credits played a part in the filming of this short movie?

Everything Watchmen…

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This will be my final post on the Watchmen movie.  Here are all the TV spots, video journals, and movie clips that have been released up until today.  I have also included a link to iTunes, if you have not checked out the Watchmen Motion Comics (NOTE: You will have to purchase each episode in order to watch them in their entirety).

First off, click here to check out the Watchmen Motion Comics.  The twelfth and final chapter of the motion comic will be released on Monday, February 23.


TV Spots

Spot #1

Spot #2

Spot #3

Spot #4

Spot #5

Spot #6


Video Journals

Journal #1 – Sets and Sensibility

Journal #2 – Costumes

Journal #3 – Stunts

Journal #4 – Dave Gibbons

Journal #5 – The Owl Ship

Journal #6 – The Look of Watchmen

Journal #7 – Blue Monday

Journal #8 -Girls Kick Ass

Journal #9 -Attention to Detail

Journal #10 -The Minutemen



Clip #1

Clip #2

Clip #3

Clip #4

Clip #5


Toshiba’s Pretty Tricky…

Posted in Commercials on November 14, 2008 by Matt

This is a pretty creative advert from Toshiba.  The song heard here is called “Air War” by Crystal Castles.


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Although I hate the Pittsburgh Steelers with a passion, I have to admit that I love the commercial for Nike’s “Fate” campaign.  Featuring Troy Polamalu of the Pittsburgh Steelers and LaDainian Tomlinson of the San Diego Chargers, the commercial shows the two of them from birth, rising to fame in the NFL, and eventually meeting each other head on on the playing field.  The best part of this commercial is that it features a remixed version of Ennio Morricone’s “The Ecstacy of Gold” (which is actually pretty damn good).  Check the commercial out down below.