Ong Bak 2 (Fight)…


So I was looking up Tony Jaa fights on YouTube and I see that the full movie has been posted up on the site.  And I says to myself, “Well, I’m probably not going to watch this movie in its entirety, since the last two movie seriously lacked in plot.”  So I decided to click through the different parts and watch all of the different fight scenes.  When I got to part 8, I was wowed as to how many peoples lives he destroys in the span of 8 minutes and 19 seconds (I mean no surprise, if you’ve seen some of his fight scenes from the other movies).  If you want to see Tony Jaa kill everyone, then watch the video down below (just beware that this scene is toward the end of the movie)


Just as a I predicted, the full movie has been taken down.  Here’s another fight scene from the movie, just for you.


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