The Pacific…

Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg present The Pacific, a miniseries on HBO focusing on American soldiers and the war against the Empire of Japan.  From what I’ve seen in the preview (below), it will be told in a similar fashion as Band of Brothers and focus on the lives of certain U.S. soldiers.

Every year, I get in this mood to watch Saving Private Ryan (which I watched the other day).  And after I do that, I usually watch Band of Brothers (which I’m probably going to start doing in the next day or so), so I was extremely excited to watch the preview today, because a friend of mine was telling me about it and I actually never heard that they were making this miniseries.  The Pacific which stars Joseph Mazzello (Jurassic Park — that’s right, the kid), James Badge Dale (24), and Jon Seda; and is expected to premier March 2010 and will consist of 10 (one-hour) episodes.



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