Star Wars: The Old Republic (LucasArts)…


The prequel movies kind of ruined my feelings for Star Wars, but judging from this video game trailer, shown recently at E3, it gives me a new hope (no pun intended) for the franchise.  I just wish that the prequel movies were similar to what was shown in the trailer.  I played ‘Knights of the Old Republic’, which I think is an amazing game, but unfotunately the newest game is going to be online…which means it will most likely be for the PC…which means you’ll have to dish out monthly fees (like World of Warcraft).  Games like World of Warcraft is what’s turning me off to video games, I feel that if you’re paying more that $59.99 (which I already think is overkill for a video game, especially if you’re paying for Xbox Live), you SHOULD NOT have to pay any more money.  But anyways, I’m trailing off of my main point…Star Wars: The Old Republic, and I apologize. Check out the trailer below, it’s pretty…pretty…pretty…pretty good, pretty good.



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