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Spec Boogie…

Posted in Movies, Music on June 25, 2009 by Matt

Spec Boogie, a hip-hop artist based out of Brooklyn, New York, has come up with four different lyrical songs that go with different movies.  These movies are: The Warriors, Edward Scissorhands, Requiem for a Dream, and Enter the Dragon. I mean…hip-hop and films are two of my favorite things, so what’s there not to love in these four videos.  This is some top notch here, so check them out below.

The Warriors

Edward Scissorhands

Requiem for a Dream

Enter the Dragon

P.S., he’ll be coming out with one more video next month, so stay tuned.


I Love Stop-Motion…

Posted in Movies on June 22, 2009 by Matt

G.I Joe: The Rise of Cobra = Comedy?…

Posted in Movie Trailers, Movies on June 22, 2009 by Matt

All I have to say is… what the f**k???  More like Cobra: The Fall of G.I. Joe

Sh*tty Trailer

The Pacific…

Posted in Movie Trailers, Movies, Television, TV Episodes on June 22, 2009 by Matt

Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg present The Pacific, a miniseries on HBO focusing on American soldiers and the war against the Empire of Japan.  From what I’ve seen in the preview (below), it will be told in a similar fashion as Band of Brothers and focus on the lives of certain U.S. soldiers.

Every year, I get in this mood to watch Saving Private Ryan (which I watched the other day).  And after I do that, I usually watch Band of Brothers (which I’m probably going to start doing in the next day or so), so I was extremely excited to watch the preview today, because a friend of mine was telling me about it and I actually never heard that they were making this miniseries.  The Pacific which stars Joseph Mazzello (Jurassic Park — that’s right, the kid), James Badge Dale (24), and Jon Seda; and is expected to premier March 2010 and will consist of 10 (one-hour) episodes.


Assassing’s Creed II (Ubisoft)…

Posted in Movies, Video Games on June 2, 2009 by Matt

Assassin's Creed 2Incredible, simply incredible.  Looks like they’re going to do everything they did with the first game, and add on a few neat tricks.  Hopefully they’ll add some variety to the side missions to the point where it won’t be too repetitive.  Check out the trailer below.


Star Wars: The Old Republic (LucasArts)…

Posted in Movies, Video Games on June 2, 2009 by Matt


The prequel movies kind of ruined my feelings for Star Wars, but judging from this video game trailer, shown recently at E3, it gives me a new hope (no pun intended) for the franchise.  I just wish that the prequel movies were similar to what was shown in the trailer.  I played ‘Knights of the Old Republic’, which I think is an amazing game, but unfotunately the newest game is going to be online…which means it will most likely be for the PC…which means you’ll have to dish out monthly fees (like World of Warcraft).  Games like World of Warcraft is what’s turning me off to video games, I feel that if you’re paying more that $59.99 (which I already think is overkill for a video game, especially if you’re paying for Xbox Live), you SHOULD NOT have to pay any more money.  But anyways, I’m trailing off of my main point…Star Wars: The Old Republic, and I apologize. Check out the trailer below, it’s pretty…pretty…pretty…pretty good, pretty good.