District 9 (Trailer(s))…


I first heard of District 9 when I stumbled across a fictional wesbsite (http://www.d-9.com) that dealt with humans and aliens living together on Earth.  I furiously searched the web to try and find out what the hell the website was.  It wasn’t until last week when the first trailer for the movie appeared all over.  After finally seing what the movie was all about it sounded like a very interesting concept, especially seeing an interrogation of a ‘Non-Human’ at the end of te trailer.  After seeing the trailer with the ‘Non-Human’s’ face unblurred and subtitles added to its dialogue, it looks like it may actully be a pretty cool movie. Directed by Neill Blomkamp and produced by Peter Jackson, the film is scheduled to be released August 14th.  Check out both versions of the trailer below.

Trailer #1 (Face Blurred)

Trailer #2 (Face Unblurred)


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