Observe and Report (Red Band Trailer)…


Here is the red band trailer for The Untitled Paul Blart Sequel Observe and Report.  It s.tars Seth Rogen as a mall security guard who must investigate and find out the identity of a man who has been flashing people around the mall.  When he proves himself unworthy to bring the flasher to justice, a police detective (played by Ray Liotta) is brought in to do the job.  The movie also stars Anna Farris and Michael Peña.

I was unsure of this movie when I first heard of it, but from the looks of trailer (the red band makes it even better) it actually looks pretty damn funny.  And it also looks dark as hell.  I’m pretty excited for its release on April 10 of this year.  Anyways, check out the trailer below:

Update: Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. took the red band trailer off of Youtube, so you will have to go here to check out the trailer.


2 Responses to “Observe and Report (Red Band Trailer)…”

  1. Looks pretty good. Although I’d never suspect we’d have two “mall-security-like” movies in 1 year…

  2. Yeah, when I heard about the premise of “Observe and Report”, I wasn’t too thrilled about it. Especially since news about each movie came out around the same time. This movie looks hilarious, because the humor in it is pretty much the complete opposite of “Paul Blart: Mall Cop”.

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