X-Men Origins: Wolverine…

Here’s the trailer for the new Wolverine movie.  I’m not too sure how I feel about the movie yet  The first half of the trailer is pretty strong,  setting up the movie to be about a war-torn Wolverine driven to seek out revenge for the death of his girlfriend.  The other half of the trailer focuses on showing action scene, after action scene, while also featuring the variety of different characters that will be in the movie.  Some of the characters include: a young William Stryker (from the second X-Men movie), Sabertooth, Deadpool, The Blob, Gambit, and some others I’m unsure about.  The last time I saw a number of mutants in a single film was Brett Ratner’s take on the X-Men universe….we all know how that worthless excuse for a movie turned out.   Well, enough on what I have to say about the movie, check out the trailer at MySpace.  What did you think?

-The song in the first half of the trailer is “The Surface of the Sun” by John Murphy.  It is a piece used in Danny Boyle’s 2007 movie Sunshine.

Why the hell not?  Here’s the awesome intro to the X-Men animated series.


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