Predator Rap & Robocop Rap…

Amazing, truly amazing…brings a tear to my eye.

The brains and the voice behind these two videos are The Anomalies.

Predator Rap

Robocop Rap


UPDATE (10/26/2009)

Due to some copyright issues, the douchebags at FOX has requested that the original video for the AMAZING Predator Rap be taken down.  I updated the link so that you can at least hear the audio version of it.


One Response to “Predator Rap & Robocop Rap…”

  1. […] AMAZING Terminator 2 Rap… It’s been more than a month since my last post and I apologize for that.  A while back I made a post that included two other videos (AMAZING Predator Rap + AMAZING Robocop Rap) by the guys who call themselves The Anomalies.  The latest entry by these geniuses is entitled AMAZING Terminator 2 Rap. Well?!?  What are you waiting for? Check out the video down below.  If you haven’t seen the other two, please refer to my post here: (AMAZING Predator & Robocop Rap). […]

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