I have a very bad feeling about this one.  Will Smith who previously stared in the film adaptation of what was supposed to be a very good vampire story (I Am Legend), if they had left it as is and didn’t completely butcher it.  Now, Smith is teaming up with Steven Spielberg (I believe for the first time) to film the U.S. version of Oldboy.  This will probably mean that they are going to take a story, that’s violent and very disturbing, and tone it down to a PG-13 rating.  If the elevator fight scene is used in the movie, Smith’s character will most likely recite something along the lines of, “Welcome to Miami!” or “Welcome to Earth”, before proceeding to incapacitate 30 henchmen.  Who knows…  Anyways, I really liked Oldboy (Korean version), and hope that they decide to stay pretty faithful to how the story is supposed to be told without any changes being made.


It has been stated by Smith that this will be an adaptation of the Japanese manga series, rather than the Korean film.  I don’t know how different the manga is from the film, but hopefully Spielberg will stay faithful to how the story should be told, unlike Francis Lawrence with I Am Legend.

Here’s a clip from Oldboy

Do you think Smith and Spielberg can pull this off?


One Response to “Oldboy…”

  1. He’ll say “It’s hammer time.” And then use wire kung fu to fight all the guys and instead of one long shot it’ll use a thousand cuts, to make it more bad ass and electric.

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