Watchmen Motion Comic…

For the past few months, iTunes has been releasing “animated” episodes in anticipation of the Watchmen movie.  Each episode focuses on one chapter of the graphic novel, with actor Tom Stechschulte providing the narration and the voice for all the characters.  Not many people like how Stechschulte provides the voice for all the female characters in the graphic novel, they find it a little goofy.  I actually don’t mind it at all, because it’s no different than listening to an audio book, the Narrator has to be the voice for all the characters.  Overall, I think these motion comics are fun to watch.  Sometime in the future, hopefully soon, I hope they decide to “animate” more graphic novels in the same fashion as Watchmen.

By the way, if you haven’t read Watchmen yet, go out and pick a copy up before the movie’s release early 2009.

Chapter One

Runtime: 25 minutes

Chapter Two

Runtime: 29 minutes

Chapter Three

Runtime: 25 minutes

Chapter Four

Runtime: 29 minutes

Other motion comics available through iTunes:  Invincible and Stephen King’s “N”

Official Watchmen Site


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